Internet Archive Brings MS-DOS Games To Your Twitter Feed

Internet Archive Brings MS-DOS Games To Your Twitter Feed

Since 2013 The Internet Archive has steadily cataloged and preserved classic gaming titles for generations to enjoy in their web browser. The impressive collection has seen players enjoy titles that were on old school home consoles such as ColecoVision, arcade games, and titles that ran on MS-DOS. Now what if you didn’t need to play them on the Internet Archive site? What if you could enjoy them on Twitter?

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Limited to only MS-DOS titles at the moment, players embed the games in a tweet. Some simply aren’t going to work on Twitter since Twitter isn’t the best platform to play games on since these are games with complex button combinations–fighting games and the sort. Point and click titles or overhead/side scrolling shooters should be fine on Twitter.

Even with the right titles that will work well on Twitter, the format leaves something to be desired. You’re playing within your feed and that is sure to just be all kinds of distracting. Your Twitter feed is live and information is constantly coming in–that means your game will constantly slide down the feed, but at least you can enjoy them before you refresh your feed.

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