iPhone 5 Jailbreak Status: Close But Incomplete

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Status: Incomplete

It’s almost the end of January and there is still no sign of the long awaited untethered IOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 that many Apple fans have been waiting for. The Cupertino company seems to finally have found a way kept hackers at bay or at least delay them, however we do have some reassuring news for those enduring the wait for the jailbreak, courtesy of Planetbeing and Pod2g, two key security researchers of the secretive jailbreak community.

Supposedly, the iPhone 5 has been jailbroken for a while now. We are just not allowed to download it yet. The main reason for the holdup is because the hackers don’t want to “burn” the bugs they have found since IOS 6.1 is about to come out, if the hackers released an untethered jailbreak today it would most likely be patched on the next software update.

We always urge our readers to be careful and weary of any website that promises a jailbreak in exchange for money, as with the previous jailbreaks a great deal of scam sites that advertise an IOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 or any of the latest idevices pop up, keep in mind that they are just after your money and could possibly damage your device.

As of today, the coveted untethered IOS 6 jailbreak is still incomplete, but from everything we have seen there are many signs of hope and although the wait is almost unbearable there’s nothing much to do but wait.

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