iPhone 5S with Dual LED Flash Rumored for August 2013


Rumors suggest that Apple will release the iPhone 5S in the summer or late summer this year, and it looks like the next generation Phone will be packing a dual-LED flash in addition to a camera upgrade.

We believe Apple will release the iPhone 5S instead of the iPhone 6, with minor improvements from the iPhone 5 just like it happened last year with the iPhone 4S.

The August debut date rumor comes from emsodm.com, a Chinese website and reports from AppleInsider.com. Analysts from Barclays Capital allege that Apple already placed orders with Foxconn for the iPhone 5S and could be ready for an August debut.

According to the iPhone 5S rumors the device will be capable of handling several LTE frequencies including the ones used by China Mobile. The current iPhone 5 does not support said frequencies.

Qualcomm is said to be shipping a new 4G LTE chip that supports multiple frequencies, we believe that this chip would allow Apple to manufacture a single iPhone model that would work on the most popular cell phone carriers. Qualcomm will release the next generation LTE chip in the summer of 2013, which adds credibility to the iPhone 5S summer release date.

Rumors of a dual-LED flash and a camera upgrade were spotted earlier this week, the articles suggest that Apple is planning to include them into the iPhone 5S. According to the report Apple plans to pile the LED flashes on top of each other and not side by side like in current iPhone models.

According to the reports by EMSOne, Apple plans to build a more economical iPhone and the date matches that of the iPhone 5S summer release. This new lower prices iPhone is rumored to be compatible with LTE frequencies in China, and will not be marketed in the United States.

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