Iran Blocks iTunes

Iran Blocks iTunes

In a new movement Iranian government blocked iTunes. Clients from Tehran, Qom, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz and Sari confirmed this report and it seems this is a nationwide blockage.

There is not any exact number of Iranians using Apple phones and the company is not legally allowed to ship its products to Iran due to the United States embargo on trading with Iran over its controversial nuclear program. Although iTunes is blocked in Iran, but it doesn’t make that difference for Apple in its revenue because Iranians cannot hold international debit and credit cards so they are very limited in purchasing online especially on iTunes.

Its good to know that Google Play is not working properly with Iranian IPs and users cannot download and install Android applications from Google Play directly. However Iranian users always bypass these restrictions by using VPNs, Proxies, Socks and the other tools.

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