Iran Ecommerce Center to Close 8000 Internet Stores

Base on the new decree issued by Iran Ecommerce Center, banks and post services should not serve Internet stores which have not yet obtained “Trust” logo from this governmental center.

“According to the letter that we have sent to post and banks in last month, these establishments should not serve and support Internet stores without trust logo.” The head of Iran Ecommerce Center said.

“As of now 60 stores have obtained this logo and we have received 1500 submissions from other stores.” Faranak Razeghi told reporters. Its noteworthy that Iran’s post is supporting 8000 Internet stores.

On 12 Esfand 1389 (Around 1.5 years ago) Iran Ecommerce Center introduced the trust logo and 3 shops obtained it. Base on the statistics in the official website of Iranian trust logo, only 58 Internet stores have obtained this logo until now.

Iran Ecommerce Center is going to close all the Internet stores without this trust logo in cooperation with Iranian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

However Iranian shopkeepers criticized the current conditions imposed by Ecommerce Center.

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