Iran Exports $2b Worth Of Goods To Iraq

Majid Ghorbani, top official of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran in Iraqi affairs

Majid Ghorbani, top official of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran in Iraqi affairs, said over $2 billion worth of goods have been exported to Iraq in the first 4 months of new Persian year (started on 21 March). Base on statistics announced by Ghorbani, Islamic Republic of Iran had exported over $6 b worth of goods to Iraq in the last year.

Industrial materials, agricultural, and industrial appliances and automobile spare parts worth $1.2 billion are among commodities exported to Iraq. Also Iraq has bought technical and engineering services values $1.6 billion from Iran.

Majid Ghorbani says Iran has exported only $394 million worth of goods to Iraq during the same time before Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government. “The current population of Iraq is more than 30 million people. 25 million of them reside in Arab regions and the others live in Iraqi Kurdistan and both of them are the main markets for Iranian goods.” Said Majid Ghorbani.

“We have worked on solutions to improve the economical ties between Iraqi and Iranian provinces. This plan includes West Azarbaijan, Kurdistan, Ilam, Kermanshah and Khuzestan provinces.” Majid Ghorbani added.

Iran plays an important role in the Iraqi reconstruction. Each month, more than 40,000 Iranians visit Shiite holy sites such as Najaf and Karbala, buying religious souvenirs and supporting the economy through tourism. Iraq imports the following goods from Iran: cars, construction materials, medicine, fruits and spices, fish, air conditioners, office furniture, carpets and apparel.

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