Iran Has 11000 Ready to Fire Missiles For Israel : Ambassador Says

Ghazanfar Roknabadi , Tehran’s ambassador to Lebanon , says his country has 11000 ready-to-fire missiles for Israel .

“Israel can attack to Iran at any time and they don’t need to only spread the word about it . They have also threatened Iran before in George Bush’s era but they never attacked us .” Iran’s ambassador said in a news press held in Lebanon .

“We don’t underestimate even minimal threats . I have to say Iran has more than 11000 missiles and we will fire them to Israel if they initiate military strike .” He warned .

“Majority of Syrians are supporting Bashar Al-Assad and Iranian governments support this majority. ” He replied to a question regarding Syria conditions .

He also talked about Iran’s oppositions by saying “More than 98% of Iranians accept this government . We had not any protests in recent one year .”

The conference held in Hakim institute in Sultan Ibrahim area located at Beirut .

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