Iran is Importing Telecommunication Facilities Despite Sanctions

Iran is Importing Telecommunication Facilities Despite Sanctions

The leading mobile operator in Iran, MCI (Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran), is importing telecommunication facilities needed for starting and maintaining 3G services despite the severe financial and economic sanctions set by the United States and European Union on Iran.

Vahid Sadoughi, CEO of MCI, announced that the IRGC backed company is importing the necessary facilities without feeling any difficulties. “We had some problems in acquiring foreign currencies but they have been solved by collaboration of legal sources. We have not stopped our operations in this field.” Sadoughi didn’t reveal the exact name of the foreigner company supplying and exporting facilities to Iran.

MCI was criticized severely for its consistent delays in providing 3G services to its subscribers. MCI, as known as Hamrah Aval, is the largest mobile operator in Iran which serves millions of clients in the country. The major stakeholders of this so called ‘private company’ are affiliated with Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as this military force is dominating the technology sector in Iran.

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