Iran Nominates for Hosting Expo 2025 in Tehran

Iran Nominates for Hosting Expo 2025 in Tehran

Kazem Akbarpour, the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Iran International Exhibitions Company, announced that Iran is going to nominate for hosting Expo 2025 in Tehran.

“We are providing a formal letter to send for World’s Fair (Universal Expositions). This organization will answer to our query in six months. We believe Iran has good capabilities to host Expo 2025 and Tehran could be the best choice.” Kazem Akbarpour said on Saturday.

“Hosting Expo is a real honor for every country and it has good effect on economy for host. Iran has attended many Expos until now. Expo is a cultural and social event and World’s Fair will refuse aggressive countries to attend this event.” Akbarpour mentioned to Western countries specially United States.

“If World’s Fair accepts our request, we will host an ancillary exhibition with the same title of Milan’s Expo 2015 in Tehran in order to prepare ourselves for Expo 2025.” Kazem Akbarpour added.

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