Iran Saffron Export Increased by 47% in The Last Year

After increasing the farms which cultivate saffron, the total output of saffron by Iran increased by 47% in the last Persian year (ended in March 23).

“In the last year Iran exported more than 130 tons of saffron which shows the 47% increase in compare to the previous year.” Ali Hoseini, the head of saffron producers and exporters’ league in South Khorasan, told reporters. “In 1389, the total amount of exported saffron was less than 100 tons.” He put the domestic consumption of saffron at 40 tons approximately and the remained saffron will be exported in the next year.

“Base on our estimations, more than 250 tons of saffron will be cultivated in South Khorasan and Razavi Khorasan in this year.” Ali Hoseini reiterated.

Iran accounts for around 96 percent of the world’s total saffron production. The country exports saffron to 46 countries including European and the Persian Gulf countries.

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