Iran Shut Down Gmail , Google , Yahoo and sites using “Https” Protocol

Base on reports received from Iran , governments has blocked access to the major sites plus websites using certain “Https” protocol .

At the same time nobody can even use banking websites in Iran because all of them using “Https” to encode the sensetive data .

Most of Internet providers companies applied this restriction on their users from yesterday . We received reports from many major cities including but not limited to Mash’had , Rasht , Tehran , Bushehr , Karaj , Shiraz and Isfahan .

Gmail , Google(all the associated services) and Yahoo are affected by this limitation . Also , and serving online banking services can not be used at this situation . Online gateways are affected too .

People estimate this condition will be continue until Esfand(next month in Persian calender) after the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution .

He is learning History in Tehran university one of the most reputed universities in Tehran . Beside this , He has worked in Mash’had Times from 2006 until 2009 . He joined the team in middle 2010 . Phone number: +989356891256 , Email address: Ahmad (at)


  1. Hamed says:

    خدا بگم چیکارتون کنه که پدر ملت رو درآوردین. از ظهر پنج شنبه این مشکل ایجاد شده و صفحات امن (پورت 443) باز نمیشه به غیر از پرداخت اینترنتی بانک ملی. خدا لعنتتون کنه که دهن ملت رو آسفالت کردین آخوندهای احمق بزدل

  2. seyed says:

    با سلام
    امیدوارم که اراده برخی از هموطنان به نفع ملت ایران تبدیل به همکاری بشه تا
    دیگه شاهد این انسداد سایتها نباشیم و جنبه آزادی بیان داشته باشیم

  3. hamed says:

    خوشحالم با اینکارشون مردم رو بیشتر متنفر میکنند از خودشون

  4. omid says:

    اکیدا توصییه می کنم از آخرین ورژن براوزر اوپرا استفاده کنید. اگر مشکلی در اتصال ssl باشه padlock موجود در نوار آدرس از secure به insecure تغییر می کنه و به حالت عادی برمی گرده بدین معنی که اتصال موجود با SSL شروع شد اما بدرستی به پایان نرسید و تبادلات امن نخواهد بود. سایر براوزرها قادر به تشخیص این مسئله نیستند.

  5. ali says:

    access to yahoo email , gmail and other email provider sites has been blocked since yesterday “thursaday” until now, this is a most insulting action against iranian educated people.

  6. ken says:

    That’s it. Israel is right. Lets nuke them for blocking web sites. Let history will decide if we were right or not. As justifiable as any other reason our governments keep trying to come up with to pick a fight with someone new. Long live the MIC! (This is sarcasm as I know it does not always translate well.)

  7. Dr Peter Wigand says:

    I really am amazed…what is the idiocy behind this. Does the government even realize how stupid it is to shut down the internet. Can they really be thinking, “Let’s shut down the internet for the 33rd anniversary just to show how much freedom we have achieved since the fall of the Shah.” I am outraged! I have dear friends in Iran, and for them to be treated this way is less then human. I am concerned for them as well. l was cut off in the middle of a Yahoo Messenger Chat at 3am Pacific Standard Time Thursday the ninth. The rulers of Iran must really fear their own people for them to do this. It also highlights the stupidity of the government…old men who have lost touch with reality and certainly the modern world. They belong in the Middle Ages a thousand years ago. They are destroying the potential of a great people. I have never lived through an administration like this, but my mother lived through the NAZI terror in Germany before, and during World War two. The NAZI government was just the same as the Iranian government is now. How can these senile old men be thrown out of power? How can a government that follows the will of the people be established? I may be 64-years old, and only a university professor in Reno, NV, but I am willing to participate in the fight to free the Iranian People! Inside Iran the people are unarmed, the way the Germans were under the NAZI’s. It is the resistance movement outside of Iran that should be taking a more vocal part in freeing it’s people. Here in the US all the news is about Iran, but none of it is about the internet shut down. That is of no importance to the US government….it should be!!!!! Today I pray for the well-being of the Iranian people, and for a future free of senile, old men who belong in the secret corridors of Iranian Mosques 1,000 years ago.
    Dr Peter Wigand

  8. Arya says:

    Alright, that’s it. I’m now officially ashamed to be Iranian and live in such a country. Right now, my dream is to get out of here and burn my Iranian passport in front of reporters’ cameras.

  9. Homan says:

    This is the true face of ISLAM…. The religion which destroys everything…

  10. saman says:

    خدایا از اینکه مردممو بی دفاع در چنگال قدرتمند دولت اسیر و مقهور میبینی و ساکتی ازت گله دارم…

    من کل کارم به جی میل وابسته بودالان فردا چطور باید کار کنم؟

    خسته ام
    خسته ام
    خسته ام
    خسته ام
    خسته ام

  11. Shahram says:

    I live In Tabriz.Iran.I can confirm that we have No access to Yahoo,Gmail and hotmail.
    Also VPN And proxy servers are out of function

  12. Shahram says:

    از یک طرفم خوبه.
    به جای اینترنت این خشم رو باید جای دیگه خالی کنیم

  13. James says:

    hey hey hey !!! we Iranian people never even think about of Israel’s help!
    they are just the most **** people in the world . We can handle our problames .

    • Max says:

      well if you can handle your own problems why have you not put a stop to your government leaders whose religious methods have been using the wrong codex for so many years your leaders are following pre Muhammad Islamic rules

      your leaders are intentionally avoiding the laws laid out by your god thru your last prophet just like our government is intentionally defying the will of the ppl in favor of the bigger money provided by massive mega corperations i live in america and its the same damn thing the guys in charge are following their own agenda rather then the very foundation and base rules their order was founded on and founded for

      in america it used to be the land of the free now our own government only cares about money not the ppl are trying to delude the ppl and constantly slip unconstitutional laws into place our president just signed a bill that gave a powerful abusive mega corporation immunity to court decisions and there was ppl within and outside making sure it got thru

      your government will prob pull the same crap until you ppl overthrow it completely destroy it and then replace it with something you know that works and with ppl you trust in charge

      america needs a civil war to knock some sense into the government and so do you guys good luck smacking around those shams you call religious leaders oh and be careful of american claims to want peace i fear there are plans to let iran be completely destroyed and even help it happen that way just like they do north korea (not that i complain n korea this new guy kim even refuses to behave when china says so he needs to go )

  14. Atousa says:

    خدا خفشون كنه با اين مسخره بازي هايي كه در ميارن نميدونم اينا از چي ميترسن كه اين كارا رو ميكنن

  15. Saeid says:

    3 days age Iran gov started to use new tools for redirect to for control all users.

  16. Dr. Peter Wigand says:

    It has been two years since I filed the post above. At the time I was just concerned about a friend who was having terrible medical problems. Since then I have actually traveled to Iran. I am a paleoecologist, I investigate past environments and climates. I went to attend the 32nd National and 1st International Geological Conference sponsored by the Geological Survey of Iran and held in various cities in Iran. I spoke in Sari, and was interviewed in both Tehran and Sari, by Iranian television crews. I came to examine the potential for conducting collaborative research in both the western US and Iran on environmental issues of mutual concern. Iran and the western US have great similarities in geology, vegetation and climate. We also have earthquake hazards, and the potential for dramatic changes in climate under various scenarios of global warming. I came hoping to make contact with Iranian scientists and to initiate collaboration and exchange of scientists and students between our two countries. Iranian scientists are among the best in the world and have much to offer. I believe through collaboration we can better address some of the critical environmental issues that we both face. After my talk in Sari, my visa was extended so that I could visit other research stations of the Geological Shiraz at the tomb of Hafez during what was an incredible five week working tour of Iran. Everywhere I went the Iranian people were warm and welcoming. They are an incredible as well as a great people. Everyone from police officials to the people stamping my passport in the airports of Iran were gracious, and friendly. I remember one young man who, after I had set off the airport security gate and he was frisking me, asked me were I came from, I said the US, and he said “welcome.” Another official, told me to be sure to return to the US and tell President Obama that the Iranian people do not want a war. A couple of year ago I made an angry statement about the interruption of the internet during Nowruz. I now see Iran through new eyes. I think that if more Americans were able to see Iran the way I have, that relations between the US and Iran would be much different. I cannot emphasize too much, how amazed I was at the Iran of today. It is lightyears away from the stereotypes that we hear about in the news everyday. Most Americans don’t realize that Tehran is a city of 12 million people that rivals New York in its amenities, a modern subway, bus system, efficient taxi system. I was amazed at the construction of new high rises everywhere in all the great cities of Iran. The markets are full of produce, and I saw no shortages. But as I said earlier both my home in the western US and Iran face some critical issues in the coming decades, and I hope that by working together we can solve some of these problems. The scientists I met with are clearly on a par with the best in the world, I look forward to working with them in the future, they can help me as much as I might be able to help them. Gone are the days of Americans telling the world what it should do, now is the time that we must work together with the other peoples of the world as equals to address the environmental issues that will affect us all. I offered a prayer at the Tomb of Hafez, that both Americans and Iranians might work together as the sons and daughters of God that we all are. Additionally, It appears that because of my experience in Iran, my university is ready to initiate collaborative research with the Geological Survey of Iran. The gracious hospitality of the Iranian government has played a key role in the initiation of this agreement. Sincerely, Dr. Peter E Wigand, Department of Geography, University of Nevada, Reno By the way, I had no problems with my internet in Iran during my trip.

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