Iran to Introduce a Local Search Engine

Iran is going to start and develop a new Internet search engines for the local users and clients.

After removing the Persian Gulf name from Maps service by Google, some Iranians suggested to boycott this search engine and use Yahoo and Bing instead of Google. “Recently Google removed the name of Persian Gulf from its maps so we have to find another solution for our local clients. We need to reduce our dependence to Google in aspect of search industry. We cannot accept the removal of Persian Gulf name.” Ali Hakim Javadi, the head of Iran’s IT Organization, said.

“We are going to develop our own local search engine like China and Russia did.” He continued.

Starting a local search engine for the Iranian users had been expected in Iran’s development schedule but there is not any defined exact time for governmental organizations on this subject. Some officials promised to introduce the local search engine until the end of current Persian year.

Currently Google is the most used search engine in Iran. Yahoo is the second one. Bing, powered by Microsoft, is placed third.

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