Iran Unveils the First Homemade Tablet Named Dimo

Iran Unveils the First Homemade Tablet Named Dimo

On Monday Ertebat Iraniane Arvand company introduced the first Iranian tablet computer in Tehran.

“Dimo company established one year ago in Ahwaz. Right now 283 people are employed in this company and we produce around 10,000 tablets each month. However we can increase this amount up to 20,000 devices a month. Ertebat Iraniane Arvand is the first company in the Middle East region develops homemade tablet computers.” Reza Moridavi, the CEO of Ertebat Iraniane Arvand, said during the introduction conference.

“This Iranian tablet can compete with its foreign counterparts. Also the price is totally cheap in compare to other tablets in the market. According to our plan, we are going to take 43% share in domestic market. Currently we are negotiating with other countries in the region and we have finalized the exportation of these tablets to two countries. We have employed a few Korean experts in order to help us to develop these tablets.” Reza Moridavi added. He also criticized the local media and urged them to stop advertising tablets and other products developed by Western companies.

The 7-inch model of Dimo series is priced 390,000 Tomans ($235) and the 9-inch will be 580,000 Tomans ($350).

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