Iranian Airlines Take off with Vacant Seats

Iranian Airlines Take off with Vacant Seats

Recently all of the Iranian airlines increased the price of their domestic and international flights in order to cut the fees and reduce the expenses. Apparently Iranians are not happy with this decision so they prefer to use other facilities for their trips. In this condition, Iranian airlines are struggling to find customers for their flights.

Iran has several private and public airline companies in operation. The oldest is Iran Air. A number of 108 airliners have been added to the fleet of Iranian passenger planes during the last five years. If the situation continues some of those airlines may shut down their activities.

Abbas Ali Abdollahi, Aviation Industry Expert, criticized the latest decision taken by Iranian airlines by saying: “The increase or decrease in ticket prices, fuel and everything related to airlines should be done with proper planning and study. Now many of airlines have cut their flights from three to one in each route and they also take off with plenty of vacant seats.”

“The current exchange rate volatility in Iran has also aggravated the situations and cheap currencies provided by government cannot help these airlines. The number of passengers has been decreased significantly.” Abdollahi added and asked the local government to help the Iranian airlines.

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