Iranian Data Centers Take Advantage from Currency Crisis

Iranian Data Centers Take Advantage from Currency Crisis

As the currency crisis is continuing in Iran, the local individuals and companies prefer to move their websites and services to Iran based data centers according to Ali Asghar Ansari, the Deputy Head of Iran’s Information Technology (IT) Organization.

“By increasing the price of foreign currencies, we see Iranians are transferring their websites to local data bases and this has good profits for those companies offer webhosting services. Also the current conditions will get better in future by starting the operation of national Intranet.” Ali Asghar Ansari said.

“We are going to issue certifications and licenses to companies willing to offer webhosting services to organize the market. A lot of companies and corporations belonged to private sector are ready to invest in this field if the government expand its facilities and infrastructures.” Ali Asghar Ansari added.

However using webhosting services offered by Iranian data centers comes with several restrictions. Iranian government usually blocks websites that contain ‘impure’ contents. Now most popular websites including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked in the country so their API services are not accessible through Iran based databases. This has forced many Iranians to move back their websites from local hosting to foreign based data centers to bypass these limits.

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