Iranian Date Exports Decreased by 9.3%

Iranian Mazafati Dates

Iranian date exports decreased by 9.3% in the first three month of new Persian year (started on 21 March) and its value reached to $32.3 million.

According to the latest statistics released by Iran Custom, Mazafati dates were one of the most demanded types of dates harvested in Iran. The total value of Mazafati’s exports was only $15.4 million while this number was more than $35.7 million in the previous year. Iranian date exports used to increase by 17.7% in the last year and brought some $174 million to country.

Iran doesn’t export any dates in Ramadan holy month in order to control the domestic market as its peak occurs in this month.

Base on reviews, Iran is the second biggest producer of date in world after Egypt. Around 7 million tons of date produced in world and Iran’s portion is one million ton.

However Iran couldn’t secure a good ranking in exporters’ chart. Iran is placed 7th between date exporters. India, Azerbaijan, Emirates, Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, England, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Australia and Canada are the main buyers of Iranian date.

Iran produces 200,000 tons of dried date, 600,000 tons of semi-dried or fresh-to-dry date, and 200,000 tons of fresh date in its 180,000 hectares of palm groves mostly situated in the provinces of Kerman, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Fars, Sistan-Baluchestan, Yazd, Kermanshah, Hormozgan and Semnan.

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