Iranian Dustman Making $300 a Month Refunded $600,000 to Its Owner

Iranian dustman who is making only $300 a month refunded $600,000 to its owner.

Ahmad Rabbani, working as a garbage collector in Iran, found $600,000 on Thursday but he refunded all the money to its owner today morning.

“I started my usual job on Thursday night. After about 3 hours sweeping garbage I found a brown bag. It didn’t look that old so I found out someone has lost it. Then I opened the bag and saw some gold necklaces and Traveler Cheques and other parcels. I’m not greedy about the people’s wealth. Previously I found a cell phone and delivered it to its owner too.” He said.

“In 5:00 AM I called my boss and told him the story. Then I delivered the bag to them and they found its owner and let me know this morning. The owner paid $130 to me as tip.” Ahmad explained.

Ahmad Rabbani earns $300 a month.

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