Iranian Popular Singer Cancels Her Concert in Dubai

A concert by Iranian popular singer Shohreh Solati, scheduled to be held in Dubai this month, has been cancelled. She announced this news in a statement published officially.

“My dear friends, It was passing a long time from my last concert held in Dubai and I was really anxious to meet you again. But because of the current situation and Emirates’ claim on Iranian Islands, I decided to cancel this concert. I am really sorry for my fans who bought tickets and planned for my concert.”

Shohre born on January 4, 1957 in Tehran. She had previously sung “Khalije Pars” track to support Persian Gulf.

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  1. Ashkan says:

    Shohreh is well done
    you are allways in my mine
    remember you are singer for your peopel
    only one Iranian from outside of Iran

  2. alex king says:

    I love gentlewoman miss shohreh solati i love her as shohreh aghdashlou.we proud all iranian artist who love iran

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