Iranian Vice President Criticized Western Propaganda against Iran

Iranian Vice President Criticized Western Propaganda against Iran

Iranian First Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi criticized Western countries for their propaganda against Iran. He also stated that the negative publicity by United States and its allies have caused the separation between nations which is an inhumanity operation.

“Powerful countries (especially Israel) have launched false politic propaganda against smaller countries. By using mass media they can boycott other countries and show negative face from them.” said Mohammad Reza Rahimi Ghorve’ei, Iran’s First Vice President.

“Our tourism industry is affected by Western propaganda. That’s why the number of visitors to Iran is decreasing year over year. Iran is a country rich in love and friendship but the enemies don’t reflect the realities of Iranian community. They are trying to introduce Iran as country full of crimes and insecurities.” Mohammad-Reza Rahimi reiterated.

“Tourists come to Iran don’t have positive view on the country but when they leave Iran their insights have been totally changed. So we must do our best to neutralize the negative propaganda against Iran. Our country must receive 20 million tourists annually but the current number is less than 3 million.” Mohammad-Reza Rahimi added.

Many European and American countries have banned their nationals to visit Iran due to its insecurity. Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, the majority of visitors to Iran have been religious pilgrims and businesspeople.

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