Iranians Registered 400,000 Accounts in Local Email Service Providers

Iranians Registered 400,000 Accounts in Local Email Service Providers

Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Technology, announced the number of Iranians who opened accounts in local Email service providers.

“As of now more than 400,000 people have opened email accounts using local service providers. has attracted around 70,000 users, 150,000 and Chaapaar 160,000 users.” Ali Hakim Javadi said.

“Currently we have capacity of up to 3 million accounts using only these three service providers. But we are negotiating with other active companies in this field in order to persuade them to start the same services. According to our statistics more than 17 million email accounts are registered by Iranians in foreign websites including Google, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo and etc. But only 5 million of those accounts are in active mode. We have around 30 million internet users in Iran but most of them are browsing Internet for fun and they don’t send or receive any notable messages via Email. So we have to make people familiar with Email services too.” Javadi added.

Base on the new policy by Iranian government, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is going to open more Internet based services in order to refrain people using Western websites and services.

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