Iran’s Metro Increases Price of Tickets

The members of Tehran’s Council ratified the increase of the prices of Tehran’s Metro. Base on this report, the price of Tehran’s Metro will increase by 25% and 15% in average.

The price of tickets of Metro had been increased for several times in the recent 2 years after cutting subsidies. The officials of Metro believe the current price of tickets cannot even provide the salary of staffs working in Tehran’s subway.

However Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi, the deputy of Tehran’s Lord Mayor, criticized this action by Tehran’s Council using strongest terms. “We believe the current prices of tickets are Okay and they should not be increased. Tehran’s Metro has some trashy expenses. The number of people working in Tehran’s Metro is more than the standard number and we think if Metro reduced its staff, there won’t be any need to increase the price of tickets.” He said.

According to the reports, only 25% of Metro’s expenses are covered by ticket sale. Around 2 million passes submit in Metro each day. It is consisted by 7 lines.

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