Italian Unemployed Receives a Job Offer Hours After His Suicide

The wife of an Italian construction worker who was out of work received a job offer hours after his man committing suicide because of not being able to get a job for more than 6 months. The woman received a letter from one of the contracting companies carrying offer of employment.

“Hours after the incident, I received a job offer letter from one of the contracting companies.” Wife of Salvatore Bois (53 years), who committed suicide in a town near Catania province of Sicily, told local media reporters.

The woman said, crying address the contractor, “Why did not you send offer earlier?”.

Also the wife informed the police finding about the body of her husband earlier in the day hanging at home and justified the courage to have done that, been unemployed for more than 6 months.

Recently the unemployment rate has been dramatically increased in EU because of the economic problems. In 2010, a Britain did the same job after she was rejected from 200 jobs.

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