It’s Official: Facebook To Get Hashtags

It's Official: Facebook To Get Hashtags

With the long time popularity of hashtags onTwitter and how they allow for topics to be discovered, Facebook started rolling out hashtags earlier this week. It had been rumored the titan social network would get hashtags back in March and it had been requested even longer. Facebook pointed out users tend to use the Twitter trend on the site and that it figured it should allow them and make them usable—meaning that you can click on them and search them.

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It was mentioned that hashtags from services like Instagram (owned by Facebook) will be clickable and that users can compose post from hashtag feeds as well as search results. That’s sure to be a treat for Facebook users who either dabble with Twitter but don’t want to go full in on that particular social network or love Facebook, but want the Twitter experience of hashtags.

The internet first embraced the hashtag in 2007 when Twitter user Chris Messina used it regularly. From there, Twitter made the hashtag as part of its structure of organizing topics and tweets and seeing what other members think of the subject.

What’s your response to actual hashtag functionality coming to Facebook?

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