iTunes hits 25th billion download

iTunes hits 25th billion download

iTunes and Apple broke industry records this week their 25 BILLIONTH songs download. That’s right- BILLIONTH!  Since the launch of the iPod and iTunes , Apple has led the way in the digital music business along with setting some trends that competitors have struggled to keep up with at times.

Here are some pretty cool facts about iTunes and the milestones it’s reached since 2003:

  • For clicking on just the right nanosecond, lucky customer, Phillip Lupke of Germany receives an iTunes gift card valued at $13,528!  Since according to Apple there is an average of about 15,000 songs downloaded every minute of the day that was one lucky click!
  • The winning song?   You probably have never heard of it?  Then again neither have most of us unless we do the European club and house music circuit. The tune was “Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix)”. Sound familiar?  Didn’t think it would not to anyone over about the age of 25.  It’s a tune done by Chase Buch, British DJ and producer from the popular house music scene in Europe. While it’s not big on lyrics, it evidently has a beat you can dance to.
  • You have to admit that 25 BILLION is a lot of tunes. To put it in perspective that’s approximately 3.5 songs for every person in the world.  In comparison, Guinness’ Book of World Records lists Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” as the top-selling song of all times at about 100 million copies. Take that and multiply it by 250.. lot of tunes!
  • More iTunes milestones: There are more than 26 million songs available for download and you can download your choice in any of 119 countries.

Just to give you an idea how huge iTunes business is here’s a few more facts for you:

  • More than 1 million songs sold on iTunes during its first week in April 2003
  • Although being the 25th billion downloader is pretty lucky, as the winner of the billionth download, Alex Ostrovsky, from West Bloomfield, Michigan made out pretty good. He was awarded with a $10,000 gift card, 10 iPods, an iMac and his name on a music scholarship at Julliard.
  •  “Let It Snow! Let it Snow” by Frank Sinatra was download number 25 million in 2003.
  • The 100 millionth milestone was marked by English electronica band Zero 7’s tune “Somersault (Danger Mouse remix),” in 2004.
  • Faith Hill’s “Mississippi Girl “was the 500 millionth in 2005.
  • The one billionth? Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound” in 2006
  • Last but not at all least, Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way” was the 10th billion download in 2010.




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