Journalists Can Now Use Facebook’s Mentions App For Live Streaming

Journalists Can Now Use Facebook's Mentions App For Live Streaming

Facebook is constantly looking for ways to get more content into users’ timelines. Now the company is looking to get more news into timelines by allowing journalists and news agencies to make use of the Mentions live streaming app.

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Prior to allowing others to use Mentions only movers and shakers like artists, athletes, and politicians were able to use it in full. In speaking with Wired, Mentions product manager Vadim Lavrusik said that goal for opening Mentions to journalists was to allow for them to make better use of Facebook.

The uses of Mentions by news agencies and journalists could be anywhere between getting live content out to a viewer or reader base that isn’t on Twitter or to drive the social element that has become so important for news outlets thanks to the rise of social networks.

To qualify for Mentions, users will need to be verified as being a news source or journalist. Users with an iOS device can pick up Mentions in the iTunes store. While you won’t be able live stream with it, you can follow your favorite famous people—and now news sources—and leave comments during streams.

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