Judge Koh Approves Of $418 Million Settlement In No-Poaching Case

Judge Koh Approves Of $418 Million Settlement In No-Poaching Case

The no-poaching case focused on tech giants Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel, Pixar, LucasFilms, and others seems to be nearing a conclusion with the approval of a settlement by Judge Lucy Koh overseeing the case.

Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe Stick To Their Guns In No Poach Case

The settlement totals $415 million which is up from the $324 million the involved parties agreed to. Judge Lucy Koh was found the $324 million offer too low and stated that a minimum of $380 million was more appropriate since employees probably lost wages as a result of the companies being able to set wage caps.

As evidenced by the deal being given the sign of approval by Judge Koh, the companies agreed to pay above the $380 million minimum. The companies will have three months for final comments and Judge Koh is expected to confirm approval of the settlement June 9th.

Google Is Facing An Antitrust Threat From Russia 

While Apple has agreed to the amount in this case, the company is looking to appeal a patent infringement decision against Smartflash. The Texas court in that case determined Apple would have to pay close to $533 million.

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