Kindle Worlds Allows For Paid Fanfic Submissions, Plus AutoRip Hits The UK

Kindle Worlds Allows For Paid Fanfic Submissions, Plus AutoRip Hits The UKThis has been a busy first half of 2013 for Amazon and a very busy June for the online retailer in relation to business. Amazon has been working on bolstering it’s Instant Live Video library, its Storyteller service to allow for storyboarding for scripts, working to get independent games out there, and so on. Well Amazon has make bounds with two other programs—one rolled out earlier this year and a fresh one.

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Amazon’s AutoRip service has been out for some time with American users getting free mp3s of their album collection since January. Now users in the UK can get free mp3s as well vinyl tracks. If they were purchased in 1999 to present, they will be added to UK users account’s Cloud Player automatically and for free. Amazon currently holds 350,000 albums ready for AutoRip and the mp3 tracks can be played on any device with access to the internet.

Kindle Worlds is a new service released this week and basically it allows for writers—regardless of their ability or professional level—to produce short stories on different series such as Interview With the Vampire, Supernatural, Adventure Time, and so on. In short, it pays $1 to $4 as well as up to 35 percent in royalties for your fanfiction. Its Self-Service Submission Platform allows writers to send in their work themselves and from there the submission probably goes through some sort process before being deemed ready or good enough for Worlds. So far there are some 50 works on Kindle Worlds.

If you fancy yourself to be a decent enough writer and want to put your labor of love for your favorite franchise out there, check it out.

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