Learn more about TAT and the future of screen technology

Learn more about TAT and the future of screen technology

Touch screens are a piece of technology that I’ve always found interesting, the first time I had one on my hand was when I got my first iPhone, the touch was very light and soft, the sensation of moving icons, clicking apps, and accessing information with the tip of a finger was great, and today I feel really excited for what I think is a visionary bid in terms of screen technologies. This open innovation experiment is being developed by a company called The Astonishing Tribe or TAT, and their intention is to build a screen on your mirror, a piece of glass and even a desk. Let me share with you some of the details that I found so far about this magnificent and futuristic idea.

Even though TAT has been around for 10 years not many people are aware of them; the truth is that their technology and designs are present in almost half a billion devices already. They specialize in developing User Interfaces (UI) and since 2003 they powered a lot of the UI designs of many of the world’s leading organizations in the industry of smart phones. In December of 2010 TAT was acquired by BlackBerry and since then they focus all of their energy and resources to develop UI and apps exclusively for BlackBerry and Playbook. Their designs have been around since the first color screen was installed on a mobile phone.

What is TAT’s vision for 2014 in terms of screen technology?

TAT has been working very hard with screen technologies; this is because all the people there are truly passionate for what they do, and for that reason they are announcing an innovative and revolutionary step in screen technology. This idea is intended to be a reality next year, which is 2014, and their vision is so amazing that I had to write something about it given that I really enjoy gadgets.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7_mOdi3O5E&hl=en_US&version=3&rel=0]
There is not much information yet available about technical specifications or prices for these marvels, but the reality is that if these designs see the light they will change the way we see the world literally, especially these days when many things in our daily lives depend on smartphones, computers, apps, tablets and everything that can be related with a touch screen.

TAT is bidding high and their intention is to develop screens that are dual, malleable, built into WI-FI connected mirrors and many gadgets. These screens might have e-ink, tactile feedback, holograms, and the information should be clickable using just a finger. The TAT team recognizes that even when they are striving to deliver this technology in 2014, their price could be so high that a couple years would be necessary in order for them to be affordable enough to be used everywhere.

What is the potential of this kind of screens?

As I mentioned before these days technology is present in our daily lives like never before, and the simple fact of being able to check an email on the mirror while brushing your teeth, or reading the news on your desk and being able to manipulate this information without the need of some peripherals is amazing; not to mention the huge technological progress that this means.

Get ready to see this technology around being used next year and see how the only thing that seems to be an obstacle today for progress is the imagination.

What do you think about this kind of technology? Are your ready for it? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment.

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