LinkNYC Cuts Web Browsing After Service Is Misused

LinkNYC Cuts Web Browsing After Service Is Misused

New York City’s LinkNYC was meant to allow for users to access the internet throughout the city on a very short term basis. Free Wi-Fi calling, device charging, web access—all available to users who signed up to LinkNYC.

In a statement from LinkNYC, the pros were discussed about how the service has positively impacted the citizens of the city with some 475,000 signing up to use internet services or charge devices. The statement also touched on some users abusing the kiosks and depriving others from accessing them.

Starting today, we will be removing web browsing on all Link tablets while we work with the City and community to explore potential solutions, like time limits,” the statement reads, discussing LinkNYC’s approach in tackling the issue. Other features like 911 and Wi-Fi calling will remain. The statement closed by saying that LinkNYC would improve how it works to help even more New Yorkers.

As is the case with any well meaning, open to the public service chances are that it will be misused in some way. This can come from holding the service up so no one else can use it or viewing explicit content. Often times, the result is some access to the service being pulled.

Since LinkNYC is still very new, this can be looked at as a learning experience and the steps taken to prevent or curb misuse will reveal if anything was learned at all.

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