Live Video Comes To Facebook Messenger

Live Video Comes To Facebook Messenger

While Twitter is a major competitor of Facebook, it seems to have stalled and Facebook is tackling a threat from Snapchat which is rapidly growing and luring users away to its platform. In this particular case, Facebook is making instant video a regular feature to combat Snapchat and its video calling feature.

Facebook’s feature works by allowing users to share videos inside of the chat app via an add-on to text message. Users on both sides need to have the most recent version of Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS and simply press the video icon to start it.

The company suggests that live video will get a lot of use—which is a normal part of pushing a feature or product by applying it to everyday use. That could be true, but it could definitely get use by podcasts with a strong social media presence on the platform.

Live video is the latest in Facebook tackling Snapchat following Lifestage mean to reel in teens and keep the teens still on Facebook in the fold.

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