Lyft To Integrate Bike and Scooter-Sharing Into App

Lyft To Integrate Bike and Scooter-Sharing Into App

Bike and scooter-sharing have become hot business at the moment. Motivate got in early and with Citi Bike in New York and handled GoBike in San Francisco. Lyft picked up Motivate this month in a $250 million deal. Immediately, the company moved to integrate bike and scooter-sharing into its business.

Business Picks Up For Lime and Bike-Scooter Share Companies

Through acquiring Motivate, it gives them a close-enough foothold in San Francisco where it applied to be a part of the pilot program. To get in good with riders in the market, the company is looking at a massive discount of up to 100-percent for rides that take place or end at public transit stops.

Now bikes and scooters could be included in that discount. It would definitely move riders to entertain the two methods. Lyft isn’t stopping at big discounts, it will also invest $1 million into improving public transit in communities that need it. This will put the company in a kind of working relationship with community organizers, groups, and nonprofits.

It will be interesting to see if these discounts and other steps result in new ways of using Lyft and mixing up rides. As it is, riders typically use ride-sharing point A to point B without getting off midway and using another method of travel.

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