Mahmoud Heydari: Newspaper Circulation Declines Hugely in Iran

Newspaper Circulation Declines Hugely in Iran

Mahmoud Heydari, the chief executive of Payam Zaman paper, said the total newspaper circulation has declined hugely in Iran due to the economic problems.

“In the recent one month the price of paper has been increased dramatically and it reached 1700 Tomans ($1) per Kilogram. But beside this problem, we are experiencing another remarkable issue. However the price increase could be affected by the high inflation rate in Iran, but the shortage of this product in country is not logical.” Mahmoud Heydari said.

“These issues caused the huge reduction in the newspaper circulation in Iran. As I said earlier this is mainly due to the lack of paper in market. Newspapers are one of the powerful industries in Iran. Many people and staff are working in these agencies so governments should pay attention to them. Government cannot control the situation in future if they don’t take action as soon as possible.” Mahmoud Heydari warned.

Currently Iran is experiencing tight sanctions by Western countries especially United States over the controversial nuclear program in Iran. These sanctions caused many internal problems including duplication of inflation rate.

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