Major General Ali Naeini: Iran has an Important Role in Regional Transitions

Iran Military Forces

Major General Ali Naeini, one of the top officials of IRGC (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps), believes Iran has an important role in regional and international transitions despite the heavy boycotts on this country. Iran is currently under pressure from Israel and United States over its disputed nuclear program and United States is trying hard to stop the country from its atomic operations.

“The Western countries have acknowledged the Islamic Republic of Iran as an important influencer on regional developments and transitions. Our enemies cannot estimate the capacity of the Islamic Republic as we observed it during the Iran-Iraq war lasting for eight years.” Major General Ali Naeini said.

“Local and foreigner experts believe Iran had recorded fantastic progresses in all the fields from military to science. This is mainly because of the spirit of faith derived from Islamic Republic’s concept. The current position of Iran in international affairs is among affects of culture of the holy defense during the imposed war.” General Ali Naeini added.

He also mentioned that military forces of Iran are always working to increase the defensive capabilities of the country in order to save it from foreigner threats.

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