Marriott Backs Away From Personal Wi-Fi Blocking Petition After FCC Opposition

Marriott Backs Away From Personal Wi-Fi Blocking Petition

In a decision that was a surprise to no one, Marriott has dropped its request to gain permission to block guests’ Wi-Fi. The request was dropped after the FCC basically said it wasn’t going to happen.

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Prior to the concrete decision that it would not be getting permission, a January 14th statement from Marriott mentioned that the chain would not block personal Wi-Fi networks, but would continue to be “committed to protecting the security of Wi-Fi access” in its event areas at hotels. The statement also said that the company would defer to FCC on how to achieve this within the structure of federal law.

The updated statement on the issue pretty much stayed on message, but includes that Federal Communications Commission voiced its opposition towards Marriott taking any steps that would allow for the company to potentially block personal Wi-Fi hotspots. Doing so would result in guests either having to pay for Marriott’s Wi-Fi network or going off hotel grounds to do what is needed.

Following the statement from January 14th, Marriott began offering free Wi-Fi for Rewards Program members who book rooms directly through the chain. 

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