Microsoft’s “Spartan” Is A New Browser For Windows 10

Microsoft's "Spartan" Is A New Browser For Windows 10

It’s no surprise that Microsoft are planning some huge changes for Windows 10. While most have been about the way the UI works, what would become of Internet Explorer was somewhat glossed over. It could be down to a sense of the “expected updates while being familiar in appearance” leaving IE to be overlooked as far as what should be expected.

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ZDNet reports that Microsoft’s Spartan project is a bid to make the long-lived web browser feel and perform more like popular browsers Chrome and Firefox. Initially it was believed that it was an update or IE 12, but it looks as though the company is building a new browser from scratch.

Mention of the new browser came after Microsoft Student Partner lead and VLC developer Thomas Nigro said he heard that the company was at work on a new browser. While quite the name for a browser, Spartan is merely the codename. That said, it’s not expected that Windows 10’s browser will simply be called IE 12 or that it will even make it into the preview versions.

With Spartan possibly being similar to major IE competitors Chrome and Firefox, it could mark a strong return to users making use of Microsoft browsers. While there have always been a userbase for IE, there’s been some disastifaction with the browser and users jumping to other browsers. ZDNet‘s sources have said that Spartan will be on Windows 10’s mobile and desktop versions, but that it’s not likely to be ported to Android.

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