Microsoft Acquires Mobile Data Labs

Microsoft Acquires Mobile Data Labs

Yesterday saw Microsoft announce that it picked up the parent company behind MileIQ, an app that tracks how far users have traveled—Mobile Data Labs. How MileIQ will fit into the great scheme of Windows apps is still a mystery, it would allow for Microsoft to have all bases covered as far as productivity apps are concerned.

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Mobile Data Labs is a very young company being founded in the early 2010s by Chuck Dietrich and Dan Bomze. The company’s MileIQ app has been in the top tier of iOS’ App Store’s finance apps for close to two years, so the purchase isn’t simply a “snatch and hold” acquisition.

If you’ve never heard of Mobile Data Labs or MileIQ, it’s because it is heavily used by freelancers and those working in small businesses to calculate tax deductions based on the mileage they’ve built up. Basically it’s not exactly the kind of app that will get mainstream advertising outside of that base. Despite that, MileIQ has racked up over a million users on iOS. On Android MileIQ is listed has having between 100,000 and 500,000 installs.

The acquisition points to Mobile Data Labs working on more apps in that pool and could be something Microsoft pushes given its background in programs aimed at productivity. You can check out Microsoft’s official statement on the acquisition by Microsoft’s Rajesh Jha here. Mobile Data Labs’ Chuck Dietrich also commented on the acquisition.

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