Microsoft Allows For Bitcoin Payments For Online Marketplaces

Microsoft Allows For Bitcoin Payments For Online Marketplaces

Microsoft is now open to accept Bitcoin as currency for digital content purchases. The company allows for Bitcoin to be added to users Microsoft account balance and used in their network of storefronts such as the Windows Store and Xbox Live.

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While digital content is the focus of the purchases, Bitcoin won’t extend to purchases of Microsoft’s services. By accepting the relatively new currency—compared to pounds sterling and dollars—this puts Microsoft in close company of major tech companies welcoming Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Other major companies have been hesitant to take to Bitcoin, but Microsoft’s acceptance of the currency could see others like Apple and Google follow along or put forth their own method of integrating Bitcoin into their payment ecosystems.

At the moment the U.S is the only market where Microsoft is running Bitcoin as a payment method, but it could very well expand to other major markets for the company.

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