Microsoft China Teases Windows 9

Microsoft China Teases Windows 9

The Windows 9 mock-up wallpaper used in the Weibo post.


Windows Threshold is scheduled to be unveiled at Microsoft’s September 30th press event. Also during that time, Microsoft will be releasing OS previews to developers. Today’s buzz is about Microsoft China dangling Windows 9 out there weeks away from the press conference.

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Via a Weibo post, Microsoft China asked readers “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon; do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a comeback?” The post included a wallpaper mockup of a Windows 9 logo and was removed rather quickly.

The removal of the post could be viewed in two ways. The first is to put a little bait out there for users to get hyped but to make sure they tune in to live feeds or news about Windows Threshold leading up to and on September 30th. The other view is that this was a mistake by Microsoft China and it had to be removed posthaste as now wasn’t the time for it. In either case, bait was dropped and people are looking forward to Windows 9. Plus Microsoft knows that someone or a news site—in this case CnBetawill catch anything before it is scrubbed.

The hype around Windows 9 revolves around a number of cosmetic and technical UI changes such as a mini Start Menu and ditching the Charms bar. Whether the hype translates to customers fully embracing the new Windows remains to be seen as that wasn’t the case with Windows 8.

Windows 9 is expected out in early 2015.

SOURCE: The Verge

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