Microsoft Improves On Windows 10’s Xbox App

Microsoft Improves On Windows 10's Xbox App

Microsoft is currently busy working on making Windows 10 better rounded in the months following the release of the OS. While the company initially simply said it would add features following the release, but the company has been fast to add them in updates. This is true for the app for the company’s Xbox consoles.

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Code activation is one feature supported in the new update. Now you will be able to redeem codes from the Windows 10 app’s Xbox Store. Prior to the update you would be redirected to the Windows Store to pick up games. The update in this area also allows for you look through and download Games with Gold titles.

Microsoft Improves On Windows 10's Xbox App

Also updated was Game DVR. You can also record audio in the feature should you want to add commentary and so on to clips you record. The other feature updated is more a social one as it allows you to find Facebook friends who are on Xbox Live. It works by simply linking your Facebook and Xbox Live accounts. From there, it will show you Facebook friends in the recommended section.

You can check out the beta of the Xbox app through the Windows Store.

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