Microsoft Sees Strong Numbers For Windows 10

Microsoft Sees Strong Numbers For Windows 10

A month after its release, Windows 10 has seen 75 million upgrades. This counts for a huge bump from the 14 million within the first day the OS released. Pushing those numbers is Microsoft releasing Windows 10 for free with an easy—and times late—rollout for those coming from Windows 7 and Windows 8.

First Observations of Windows 10

The numbers were shared by Windows marketing Chief Yusuf Mehdi and showed that over 190 countries have seen over 90,000 PC and tablet models upgrade to Windows 10. In the apps arena, Windows 10’s Windows Store has seen massive downloads. Mehdi put the figure at six times that of Windows 8’s app downloads.

Numbers were shared about gaming and the OS as well. Mehdi said that players on Xbox One have streamed roughly 122 years of gameplay on PCs running Windows 10. There are a number of exclusive titles and other major games on the horizon so that number will only increase.

While there are still some issues with Windows 10—such as HTML 5 either not running at all or running in certain browsers depending on the service—these numbers are good indication that Microsoft won’t take their time on making needed improvements.

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