Microsoft To Invest $75 Million In Technology Education

Microsoft To Invest $75 Million In Technology Education

Microsoft has made a huge pledge in building towards the future with a $75 million investment that will see the company attempt to make computer science education easier to get worldwide.

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The company will take on the endeavor over a three year period and will see the $75 million put into different nonprofit organizations in the form of cash as well as resources. Microsoft’s goal is to get technological knowledge into the hands of youth from underrepresented areas of the tech field.

One of the main programs Microsoft is investing in is one kicked off by the company called Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS). The program sees Microsoft put experts into schools for a period to help teachers teach students computer science. Over the next three years, Microsoft is looking to bump the amount of schools involved in the program from the 130 it reached last year to 700.

CEO Satya Nadella has been very active in expanding Microsoft’s efforts to give back and develop the future for not just the company, but for computer sciences as a whole. In this case, the investment is aimed developing children’s interest in technology. By teaching educators how to spark and keep that interest going, the industry—as well as Microsoft—will see a large, constantly replenishing pool of talent in the future.


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