Microsoft Unveils The Next Xbox Tomorrow

Microsoft Unveils The Next Xbox Tomorrow

May 21st, 10 AM. That’s when Microsoft will reveal the next Xbox to the gaming world. There is plenty of anticipation about the console already and there are definitely some things that will need to be cleared up about it. Beyond the nagging issue of always online connectivity, we expect Microsoft to hit on the essentials of big console reveal news.

Always Online Connectivity

We might as well get the elephant in the room out first. Always online connectivity is something that most gamers just aren’t keen on. Some don’t care one way or the other about it while very few are on the “Yes! Online connectivity ALL THE TIME!” bus.  It simply isn’t a popular notion, but if Microsoft does go through with it, they’ll have to explain what it means exactly. It’s a fear of the unknown about always online connectivity and what it means at first blush that gives it the well-deserved backlash. Who knows, Microsoft might even call it something else.

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What Can It Do?

Different functions. What all can the new Xbox do? Does do anything that is different from what the Xbox 360 does? Would these functions warrant purchasing the console within the first one to three months of release or should we wait six months to a year—which is part of the reason for poor sales. If the console doesn’t wow with the features, gamers may feel that they can just hold off on buying a new console—especially since the old console will be supported for at least two more years. Some of the features have been revealed with the room-view thing, but can come off as a bit gimmicky unless its practical use can be showcased. Show how it adds to the game.

The Games

We know who has will be supporting the Xbox; it’s the usual suspects every year. What we need to know is what games are scheduled for the launch window. This is something that is better left for E3, but it’s another of those things that can determine if it’s worth purchasing the next Xbox out the gate. Just like the features, if there’s nothing special being released—meaning if it’s most sports titles—then it might end up being a pass until more stuff filters in and more indie games appear.

The Name

This isn’t really an important thing; it’s something that would be nice to know. The common internet names for it are “Xbox 720”, “Durango”, and the slowly accepted “Xbox Infinity”…which makes it sound like it’s the last Xbox.

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The Price and Release

Here’s the big thing. The price is that third thing that determines if it’s a first day/first few months purchase or something you’d wait for an inevitable price drop on. When it comes to consoles, $300 is usually the limit before it crosses into “expensive” territory and the console will really have to wow and break out with big games out the gate to warrant a $500 or $600 price tag. We don’t expect for the console to be wallet friendly, but it could surprise everyone and be reasonably priced.

A proper release date would be good to know as well, but again that’s more of an E3 reveal.

Are you looking forward to the new Xbox reveal?

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