Microsoft’s Bing Rewards Offers 5% Discount Promo For Black Friday

Microsoft's Bing Rewards Offers 5% Discount Promo While Faulty Xbox One Users Get Free Games

Yesterday we brought up Apple’s approach for Black Friday. It turns out that they could be running with a gift card approach as opposed to shaving some bulk off of their prices. At any rate with a new entertainment console and other devices out now powered by Windows 8.1, Microsoft is jumping into the Black Friday pool as well.

Earlier Wednesday, Microsoft announced that Bing Rewards will be running a 5% discount on sales made through their online Microsoft Store. While that doesn’t seem like much, anything that can whittle the price down is welcome, plus there are several other discounts going on in the Microsoft Store at the moment.

If you are a member of Bing already, you should notice the promotional offer plastered across the top of the page under “Redeem.” Upon clicking on the promotional banner, you’ll get a code which can be used after making your purchase in Microsoft Store.

Once you have everything you want, just apply the code in the promo code field.

Also for Xbox One ambassadors who got one of the lemons with a busted disc drive, Microsoft is offering a code for a free game as amends. The games up for selection are Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, and Zoo Tycoon.

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