Microsoft’s Surface Pro not quite standing on its promises

Microsoft’s Surface Pro not quite standing on its promises

The unveiling of Microsoft’s much talked about Surface RT and Surface Pro laptop/tablet hybrids was greeted with much fanfare and curiosity. However, since then it appears the Surface Pro may not quite be delivering on the promises made by the industry giant.

While every design aspect of the Surface Pro is superbly executed and it’s as well built as the Surface RT, it definitely has a look and feel that makes no mistake in letting you know you’re using a Microsoft product and not some other Windows 8 device. The Surface Pro’s specs looked good on paper regarding the 1080p display, 4GB RAM, Core i5 processor and an optional 64 or 128 GB of storage.  Since the install for Windows 8 tends to eat up about 40GB of storage space, most sellers are recommending the 128 GB model it should be noted.

In order to properly house the added horsepower for the Surface Pro, Microsoft had to make it about five inches thicker and two pounds heavier than the Surface RT. Also, the battery may be rated for up to six hours of use but in reality has been found to only last up to four when in constant use.

Although the souped up system makes the Surface Pro zip through processing as fast as other similar ultra-books, running hardcore games or other heavy duty tasks tends to slow it down quite a bit.

The Surface Pro does pack a superbly full resolution HD display onto a 10.6 inch screen, it does leave a little bit to be desired at times when compared to other similar models such as the Nexus 10.

The big sell for the Surface Pro is that it can run older versions of apps from Windows 7 and some XP but in actuality working in the required mode for doing so can be quite a bit of hassle. The biggest problem is how Windows 8 handles the older apps by forcing you to either shrink your display down where the visuals are clear or where everything is readable but cramped.

Other problems with typing and fitting keyboard and cover together just seem to make using this hybrid from Microsoft more hassle than it may be worth. Believe me all that quick snap togethers you see on TV don’t quite happen as smoothly in real life.  Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to cross breed a lap top and a tablet as seen with the Microsoft Surface Pro.

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