Missouri Man Charged With Infecting Over 300 People With HIV

Missouri Man Charged With Infecting Over 300 People With HIV

The Dexter Police Department has pushed their charges against a Missouri man, David Lee Mangum, who they claim tested positive for HIV in 2003 and infected over 300 sexual partners.

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David Lee Mangum (36) said that he didn’t inform his partners because of a “fear of rejection.” Detective Cory Mills filed a probable cause statement on Friday for two victims who claimed they had sexual contact with Mangum. The filing piles on more charges to his current felony charge for exposing a former partner to HIV.

Stoddard County law enforcement agencies have called for anyone believing they were infected by Mangum to cease sexual activity and get tested immediately.

County Prosecuting Attorney Russell Oliver issued a statement on the health concerns from the community and law enforcement saying, “Due to the initial exposure containing 300 or more individuals over an extended period of time, each of which could themselves have multiple sexual partners, this situation should be a serious concern.”

In the statement, Oliver also pointed to David Lee Magnum seeking men in the area via Craiglist’s “men seeking men” section. According to a criminal complaint obtained by CNN, the first victim to press charges said he came in contacted Magnum in October 2012 through the site.

The complaint states that prior to having unprotected sex, the victim asked Mangum if he had any diseases “and Mangum replied no.”

The two moved in together the following month and were live-in partners in Dexter, Missouri until June 2013. It was at that time that the victim left the relationship after he discovered that Mangum was cheating on him.

After moving on from the relationship, the young man received a call from a woman who lived with Mangum in 2011. The woman informed him that Mangum confided in her that he had been HIV-positive since 2003. The victim took a test with the Stoddard County Health Department and found out he was also infected.

David Lee Mangum confessed he had first tested positive in Texas to the victim and to the police. The criminal complaint details that in some cases of unprotected sexual intercourse a third man was included.

So far authorities have managed to find between 50 and 60 of Mangum’s sexual partners, but Oliver noted that there many of the suspect’s partners to be found.

Mills said that he didn’t believe that Mangum would be helpful since he was only familiar with most of his partners on a first name basis. Dexter authorities were able to pinpoint another area where plenty of Mangum’s former partners were as Dallas was an area he lived for a while.

Detective Mills said that Mangum’s partners were all white males.

Under Missouri law, knowingly exposing someone with HIV without their consent is considered a felony offense and can result in a possible 15 year prison sentence. If the person becomes infected the sentence is life.

David Lee Mangum’s bail was set at $250,000 during his arraignment Thursday.

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