Mohsen Rezaei Warns of Tensions between Syria and Turkey

Mohsen Rezaei Warns of Tensions between Syria and Turkey

Mohsen Rezaei recommended Syria and Turkey to resolve their problems through diplomacy and avoid involving in a new war in region.

“I believe the current tensions between Syria and Turkey are mainly because of the recent interferences of Turkish side in internal affairs of Syria. It’s better for both countries to resolve their bilateral problems through diplomacy. They will not benefit from increasing tensions and even a new war.” said Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of the Expediency Council which drafts the Iran’s macro economic, political and cultural policies.

Mohsen Rezaei also referred to three factors caused currency crisis in Iran. “The combination of several factors has created the current fluctuations in exchange rates. Western economic sanctions, weakness of authorities in controlling the conditions and the new wave of shock in community are the main reasons of currency crisis.” Rezaei also praised Iranian government for innovating new solutions to fix the market. “Fortunately government came up with new ideas for controlling the currency markets and we should wait for their results. These actions prevent price rises but we must not expect rates to return to their initial prices.”

U.S. led financial sanctions against Iran’s economy have made many troubles for the country.

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