More Layoffs From EA

more layoffs from ea

Gaming giant Electronic Arts have been cutting more jobs, this time at their India and London offices. According to MCV India, some 50 jobs were cut EA Hyderabad whereas Develop mentioned that the London-based social gaming studio Playfish saw some releases. This comes after EA announced that Facebook titles The Sims Social, Pet Society, and SimCity Social would be shut down come June. In prior weeks, EA also shaved jobs at their Galway, Ireland-based customer service center.

John Reseburg, EA’s senior director of corporate communications stated that the layoffs are meant to prepare EA for its transition into next generation consoles.

EA have been under fire on several fronts in the past weeks and while releasing front line workers is a common business practice in hopes of streamlining operations, this definitely doesn’t help EA endear itself to gamers. It really seems that anything the gaming titan does from now on will be given a disapproving scowl and a headshake. Electronic Arts executives could literally adopt puppies, read to sick children, and help senior citizens across the street or whatever and EA would still get the stink eye.

What do you think about the recent layoffs of at EA? Do you think EA will be able to redeem itself after business practices that have left a bad taste in gamers’ mouths?

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