More Than 10 Students Deprived From Study Because of “Veil” in Iran

According to the recent reports from Tehran’s Elm-o-Sanat University , More than 10 students are deprived from study . These students are sentenced to not having “Islamic Veil” .

Elm-o-Sanat University committee didn’t invite the students in special court which is normally hold inside the faculty . In the text of decrees , Students are sentenced to not following the terms of university , No more information are provided on this . Students received a long tail list of infractions in case of objection .

Now there is not any precise stat from the number of these students , But base on word of mouth they are estimated between 10 to 20 persons .

At the previous semester , Dr Saleh Zade , The Director of Basij force in university , didn’t allow 15 students to register in new semester , Because they didn’t attend the special congress about “Veil” .

No officials of this university has made comment on this subject yet .

IUST (Iran University of Science and Technology) has 11 departments, 44 instruction groups and 83 fields of study . It is one of the most active universities in Iran for graduate studies .

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