Mourinho to Guardiola : I am Not The Best Man in The World

Real Madrid’s head coach , Jose Mourinho , replied the recent criticize by Pep Guardiola , FC Barcelona’s coach .

Guardiola criticized Mourinho by stressing that he is dishonest in his actions , but the Portuguese coach stressed that he does not claim to be the best man on earth , but he does not find nothing wrong with being a frankly personal .

“Tone of Guardiola’s voice seemed normal , I can say I am full of negative features as everyone knows,” Mourinho said during a press conference after the match against Betis , “You don’t need to hide my mistakes and faults as if I see something is wrong with others I will declare them. ”

Mourinho joined Real Madrid from Internazionale on 31 May 2010 , But he has made a lot of controversies during his presence in this club .

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