Mozilla Showcases New Features In Firefox Aurora Channel

Mozilla Showcases New Features In Firefox Aurora Channel

There have been several new features announced for Mozilla’s next Firefox version. The new, experimental Firefox Aurora allows for Firefox users to test many of the features out.

One of the three main features is Firefox Accounts which is a part of Firefox OS. The feature allows for users to use all of their login details from online services, emails, tabs, and bookmarks on various devices. With Firefox Accounts and other features, it’s all about convenience.

Sync is another major feature that again works with tabs, bookmarks, and personal info. It allows you to access it anywhere. Aurora sees the feature updated with stronger security to protect data in case of hacker attacks. Expect the update to Sync in Firefox OS.

There are a few changes to the overall UI of Firefox. The keyword here is: speed. The new menu has all of the essential features, but it adds add-ons along with icons. With tabs everything is more fluid with inactive tabs fading into the background. In addition to a redesigned user interface, users will also be able to customize the UI and drag different actions under menu, toolbar, and tab bar around. Also buttons can be removed.

All features are meant to unify the functionality of Firefox mobile with the web-based version of the browser. Feel free to try it out on Firefox Aurora’s channel.

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